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PubBC caters to the pub and bar business owners in helping them grow their business. Enjoy the focus community for pub owners and bar business owners. Not a pub owner? If you are looking for a profitable business that can be both fun and profitable, investing in a pub bars business can be a good idea.

Usually, pubs and bars are associated to Friends, laughter, celebrations, entertainment -- the big fun!

According to the Distilled Spirits Council, a national trade association, the distilled spirits industry generates around $100 billion in U.S. economic activity annually.

British Beer and Pub Association, in a recent report, states that there are 52000 active pubs in UK alone.

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Promote your pub or bar, by listing this on this website. Promoting your online will be cheaper, compared to the huge regular advertising on the local dailies. If your brand is popular in your city, by just advertising it online, your reach will be tremendous. How? Travelers from other countries might be interested in your pub or bar. So, when they see a good reviews of your pub on this site, they might visit you and tell them to their friends. That would bring extra money to your pub business. Isn't it?

So, why wait. List your Pub or Bar today.

Pub Furniture

A pub without right furniture would not attract the customers (locals). Therefore, it is essential that you must invest in good furniture.

Good bar equipment is essential for the smooth running of your pub, bar or inn, but sourcing the right equipment and knowing what to buy can be a challenge.
We have scoured the Internet and collected some of the best, as well as affordable, furniture to accessorize your pub/bar.

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