What Makes Your Pub Tick

There are many facets to a good pub. Location, a good supply of beers, wines and spirit, and well trained staff are vital - as is an ambient and a friendly atmosphere but the right bar equipment and bar accessories should not be underestimated in their importance of helping to create a successful business.

All pubs need, in this day and age; with multiple pub closure every day, need to be a good pub. Poor service, a lack of atmosphere and disgruntled customers will force any pub into a struggling business within weeks.

With such closures and competition in the pub trade, all pubs need to excel or become one of the many pubs that closes its doors for good each day.

Ambience and well-trained staff

Both the ambiance and friendly, helpful staff are vital to creating the right atmosphere but neither can happen without having a well-equipped and properly stocked bar.

When there are glass shortages, no ice for the drinks, wrong type of glasses, full bins, no beer mats - havoc can ensue: the bar becomes busy as staff struggle to cope, tables become messy and customers become dissatisfied.

Well-equipped and well stocked

The right bar equipment is essential for the smooth running of any pub or leisure business just as much as having a well stocked bar; it's all well and good offering cocktails, for instance but if you haven't the right glasses, shakers, stirrers and garnish it will all be for nothing.

Having the wrong type of bar equipment can also cause problems too. Not using stainless steel for cutlery may cause trouble when it comes to cleaning, while the wrong sized bin could lead to a rubbish pile up - both unhygienic and unsightly.

Planning ahead is crucial and bar equipment should be stock taken along with other stock you should also ensure you have a reliable supplier of bar equipment as running around finding a supplier at the last minute can add to delays.

By ensuring your bar is well equipped you can reduce the risk of things going wrong and prevent many of the obstacles that turn a well run pub into a liability.

Bar equipment and bar accessories are vital for the successful running of any business so don't leave it to chance and ensure your pub has the right bar accessories.


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